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Warming Up In Winter

Janet Yu 2017-01-03 10:08

Winding Bracers

"I found that bracers are useful to girls whose wrists are not strong enough. If you want add more weight in your training, bracers can help you stabilize your strength and improve your training achievements.”


VANTAGE: How important is warming up in winter?
Teng: Compared with summer, winter work-out needs more preparation. Unfortunately, many people start their training before warming up - It is easy to get hurt and end up achieving the opposite to what you set out to do.

VANTAGE: What method do you chose to warm up quickly? 

Teng: I usually walk to the gym, and after that, my body will be warmed up already from the beginning. Then I'll do some lightweight exercises according to the muscle groups I am working on that day. For instance, if I am working on my chest today, I will do 15 fast presses 2 sets of first,then stretch for a while.After my body is warmed up,Iwilladd weight and start the formal work-out session.


▲Teng Yu

Brand Ambassador of INP
The Runner-up of National Fitness Star Competition in group D

The Bikini Champion of National Sunshine Trainer Contest, Xi’an area

Activewear for Ladies

“Talking about down jackets, I like Adidas, it have many bright colours for option, and can keep you warm. As for training suits, I prefer Lorna Jane from Australia, Daquini from Europe, and Alo Yoga. These brands are useful and comfortable. They not only can be worn in tness training, but also can be worn on the streets.”


VANTAGE: How do you convince yourself to work out in cold weather? 

Li: The coldness and laziness are the biggest enemies on our way to the gym in winter. But for me, a hot shower after sweating feels really good. It can relieve the problem of my hands and feet getting cold in the winter. Asking your friends to go with you is another useful way.

VANTAGE: What winter warm-up plan do you recommend for starters? 

Li: After warming up your wrists and ankles, you can do 2 sets of 30, jumping jacks each: jumping to a position with the legs spread wide and the hands touching overhead at the same time. Then, do 2 sets of burpees, 20 each.


▲Li Huohuo

Brand Ambassador of ISOPURE

Motion Demonstration Model of FIT TIME 

Print Model of Adidas and Nike

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