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叶霖耘Lerra Ye 2017-07-31 11:39

148 years ago, Shanghai gave birth to China’s the first bicycle. In the following decades, the simple, cost-efficient yet elegantly designed bicycles became the most “trendy” means of transportation around the city. Long gone is the golden age of bicycles...

until now. In the past year, bicycles have reclaimed the urban scenery.

This time we’re having Ben, a riding expert born in 1980s Shanghai, as our contributor here. He’s also one of the “bicycle generation”. “When I was young, I went to my grandma, and I always sit on the top tube of my dad’s 28-inch bicycle” he recalls. “Every time when I got
down it felt unbelievably amazing to feel the numbness of my feet.” Reminiscing about that 28-inch vintage bike, Ben remembers something else. That bicycle bears his first experience with the two-wheeled vehicle, and also his "old chap" that taught him how to ride. "I stretched a leg through the frame. Wow I was like an acrobat performer then!" he laughed. His peers, along with Ben, are also full of childhood memories of bicycles. While they are against is not the prevalence of automated vehicles,theylamentthewaythecarhastakenoveras he more popular mode of transport.


However, bicycles are experiencing a new Golden Age; the age of the shared bike. Though we know that thismaybeanarti cial“renaissance”bornoutof business interests and pragmatism, for vintage-loving revivalists, it’s certainly not a bad thing.

Amidst the mottled shade on the city streets, there will be someone, someone who gradually and slowly, comes to understand that, while four wheels carry the body, two wheels carry the soul.

Best Cities

Roads are mainly for motorized vehicles in China while in Europe, high-speed lanes for bicycles are very common. Amsterdam, Berlin, Copenhagen, Milan, Zurich... many cities have their own bicycle culture. When in Europe, don’t miss it! -Ben Yang


Cycle Space

It’s the first book to view cities through the lens of the bicycle, as a transformative force in the design of our cities.


Strava—Strava prides itself on its “personal performance recording” and “friends interactive competition” features.

Mobike—Mobike is a pioneering shared bike brand in Shanghai with the highest coverage so far.

OFO-OFO is a shared bike brand aiming at providing more comfortable riding experience.


About Ben

Ben is a former Microsoft employee and a self-pro- fessed cycling geek. Right now, he is possibly the most experienced DIY biker in Shanghai among the “post-80s generation”. He is also one of the two partners of a vintage bespoke bike shop based in Shanghai, Rideal.

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