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The Humble Golf

叶霖耘 Lerra Ye 2017-09-24 13:48

Golf has long been a sport enjoyed by the most tony of men since the Middle Ages. Finding its way to America in the early 1800s, it erupted in popularity among the wealthy classes during the Roaring Twenties.

Compared with others, golf is one of the few sports in which the players would engage in sport and socialize at the same time. Thus, dressing code is also considered part of the game. In this guide, we're going to discuss how to elevate your style as well as equipments to keep you at ease and etiquette.


The Unspoken Dress Codes

Conventional golf courses welcome full-length pants the most, and then the Bermuda-length shorts, aka knee-length business casual. Though ladies' choices would increase accordingly, pants remain the best option. If the weather is too hot, a professional golf dress would be the most decent choice. Remember; do not ever think about the denims or cutoffs.


Round neck T-shirts, sleeveless tops or tanks are not on the approved list.Opt for collared and sleeved shirts. If you feel chilly, simply add on wool vests or pro jackets. While ladies's tops vary differently,they should also adhere to a sense of modesty, which defintely. they should also adhere to a sense of modesty, which defintely exclude tube tops or the trendy bathing suit tops.


Appropriate golf attire don't con ne you to such specific socks. But considering long time of standing, we still suggest professional golf socks so that the advanced bres can keep your feet dry and comfortable. Pair shorts with ankle-length socks, or occasionally go for tube socks.A little bit showy is acceptable at the right length.


Spiked shoes is important to help stabilize a player's swing and provide comfort when a round lasts for hours. However, as traditional metal spikes would damage the greens, many courses now require "soft" spikes made of hard rubber of plastic. On this rule, opt for leather golf shoes with a nice broguing for a more classic look,.


Baseball-style hats or visors are the most popular on a golf course. If you like neither of them, straw hats and Ben Hogan caps, which resemble berets, could provide you diversi ed choices. But headgears such as fedora hats,gag hats, or cowboy hats are not appropriate.


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