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Smart Life

王烨昇Johnny Wang 2016-07-21 11:19

Robots  are no longer only based in the world of science fiction from the last century, in the modern era they have become a reality and have emerged from the laboratories to currently featuring in online shops.

With the use of Wi-Fi, cellular technology and mobile apps, a large amount of basic ideas involving remote control technology has been realised. The ability to remotely control your air-con, opening and locking your door and operate household technology is the de nition of a lazy person’s dream. At the same time, some brand new technology has changed what we had previ- ously thought possible, such as exible phones. Even the sound of snoring can be offset with new sonic technology. These new technologies in themselves aren’t all that complicated compared with quantum theory, the key to these ideas is if one can think of them, not if they are possible.

Future Of Sports

On equipped with the latest technology, here we start a stylish workout schedule!



Nowadays the smart ring has become a popular facility. It is usually euipped with call reminders, phone companion and sport, health and sleep management. Also, it has ideal self photo taking. Some pieces even support QQ and Wechat.



Zackees's Turn Signal Gloves can communicate turning intentions to other vehicles on the road.



These shoes that change display is 100% waterproof and machine washable. Walk- N-Charge technology means they will never run out of power. Also charged wirelessly.



It allows broad view and the screen in it provides various angles to see that the app can adjust. With it, you can almost avoid most of the dangers.


Smart Homes

With a little imagination and the right technology, nothing is impossible!


This small item is like a helicopter that carries a video camera. Several screw propllers ensures smooth ying that enables good quality of photograpy. Of course, you can also use it to take a selfie. It looks pretty cool to have a "helicopter" take a selfie while others are still grappling with their phones.



A wireless controller for your music, lighting, room temperature and more. Experience seamless interaction in an award winning design. It was designed with you in mind, using gestures that you already know.



This is a lightweight and compact wearable device worn on your face near your nose.
It quiets the snoring noise creating a Silent Zone around the person wearing it, giving you and those around you a better night’s sleep.



One of the problems with traditional headphone jacks is that they only let one person listen, so the 'ekko' is designed as an audio sharing hub for up to ten users to enjoy. Looking almost like little digital pucks, the receivers in the 'ekko' audio hub will stream the source audio clearly to all those connected.



The Sensibo turns ANY air conditioner smart and reduces its energy consumption. It allows you to set a timer and pre-cools your home automatically. Its smart scheduling makes sure the bedroom is pre-heated when you wake up, every day. Sensibo's installation takes two minutes and the device is compatible with any remote controlled air conditioner.



Equipped with a special technology, any hand motion controls it, or merely by the free MiP App, your eyes will light up at what MiP can do. MiP responds to most hand gestures, carries its own weight, and comes with a free app that enables you to drive it, battle other MiPs, and even more!



Beam can turn any at surface into a big screen. Charge wirelessly if you’re not the streets. You can play a Youtube movie when you come home or even watch the latest news when you wake up.



With built-in internet connectivity, it needs no smartphones or apps to pair with. It can send a message, control smart appliances or turn music on/off, turn the lights on, disarm the alarm, and put the coffee maker on – just push the bttn in the morning, if you would like to.



The Sesame allows guests in no matter where you are with control on who has access and when. Receive a noti cation whenever your door opens or closes. You’ll always know exactly who’s coming and going - and exactly when. Can't remember if you locked the door? Check from your phone, whether you’re home in bed or across the world.



It is a complete personal fabrication system packed into a single, beautifully designed robotic arm that mounts on the desktop, complete tasks such as 3D printing, plotting, milling, laser engraving, electronics assembly and more. That way you can make more, for less.



Flip ic is tted with sensors and automatically responds to changing light and temperature. Installed on existing window blinds in one click and with no tools. Built-in battery is recharged with the solar panel. FlipFlic integrates with BLE and ZigBee hubs.



The Lampster can be the life of the party; just sync it to your music and it will ash to the beat. Use your tablet or smartphone to set the colour and intensity! Just want to light it up, touch the Lampster and it will do so.



You can control your TV, lighting, heating and more with NEEO. It is compatible with all major AV products from the last 10 years and works with all the cool new devices on the market. You don’t need to be a techie to setup NEEO. It’s built for everyone and tested by our kids, parents and grandparents!



The Displio allows you to choose from a wide selection of widgets and makes the information that is important to you available anywhere with just a glance. It can also receive noti cations about calendar reminders and emails.


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