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Sea Fishing for the daring

叶霖耘Lerra Ye 2017-06-14 09:31

As the old Chinese saying goes: “the wise enjoy the waters, the benevolent prefer the mountains”. For the “wise” ones who are accustomed to life at sea, the ocean is both full of hidden dangers as well as boundless wonder – especially after you have had the unforgettable experience of sea shing!

Compared to fresh water fishing, sea fishing is a much more exciting and challenging event. Though it’s riskier than mountain climbing, sea shing is a thrilling experience that has its unique charm. There’s something primal about catching the aquatic creatures in the mysterious ocean! The most alluring factor is undoubtedly the unpredictable future of the hunt, for you can never fully anticipate what surprise is awaiting you in the fertile sea... it may be a tuna with the perfect curves, a bright orange grouper, or perhaps even a species you have never ever seen before!

Due to the costly sum of the equipment, sea shing is also known as “sea gol ng”. Not to mention the personal vessels for shing purposes, an expensive set of sea shing tackles alone would be equivalent to a hundred pounds of sea sh in value. Fortunate that short-term sea fishing trips counted by days or weeks are getting increasingly popular nowadays. As long as you wish, the only thing you need to prepare for an exciting sea fishing tour is only getting packed.


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