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Precious Gardens

王烨昇 Johnny Wang 2016-03-30 11:41

The flowers start to bloom in March. A season of vitality is upon us. Jewellers have been using various precious gems to emulate the beauty of owers for millennia, giving their unique spin on nature and jewellery.

Here, almost all the gems get their own starring role. In addition to brilliant diamond, emerald and ruby are the classic colour complement to create green leaves and red flowers. Elegant sapphire with its many colours takes the undisputed leading role in this scroll painting. In addition to precious gems, many semi-precious gemstones also prove their worth. Tourmaline and spinel are candy sweet while opal is delicate and gentle with its subtle but mesmerizing beauty. Tanzanite, obsidian, moonstone and other gems all have their own allure. These gems show their different postures through various ways of inlay. Claw-shaped inlay is classic American style; concave-shaped inlay can make the style brief; the "Mysterious Setting" from Van Cleef & Arpels creates a meticulous and flowing silhouette of works. This lush garden has started to show their real beauty and blossom in radiant splendor.


In choosing the materials of the setting, most use platinum, the most precious of the metals. For transparent gems, they would normally be designed with permeable jewellery for maximum light to pass through and light up the gems with sparkling splendor.

There is always an abundance of inspiration; olive, rose, orchid, and much more. Tiffany paid homage to painter Georges Seurat’s works with a series of Pointillism inspired jewellery- ink and purple sapphire, green demantoid, and diamond in-laid in the pendant. The ring is em-bellished with colourful sapphire and diamond. Its colour is simple and elegant while remaining thoroughly detailed. The water lily of the classic Japanese garden inspires the Oriental garden series from Van Cleef & Arpels. The series embodies the explanation of simplicity in Japanese classical aesthetics through the colour assortment, which has sharp contrast. As for “the emperor of jewellers” Cartier, their works have more amplified expressiveness. Usually, Cartier uses big rough gemstones with small pieces of diamonds and other gemstones from the same colour scheme to create the jewellery that are eye-catching and breathtaking.


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