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Picnic Story

王烨昇Johnny Wang 2017-07-17 14:16

Graceful ladies

In the past, the ladies attending a tradi- tional British picnic often wore multi-layered chiffon skirts, mentioned in many classical works by British writers including Jane Austen. Mrs. Bennett from Austen’s seminal Pride and Prejudice was a diehard fan of chiffon; she even wore a chiffon dress for picnic.

However, though pretty, these long and layered chiffon dresses were too heavy for their wearers to move about freely. Want to get the look but still have range of movement? Here comes the resolution.

This season, let out your inner Barbie. The trend’s colours are light and looks as pretty as a Barbie doll. Pair with loafers to make the style comfortable and still be full feminine charm. The attitude of this style is that 'The fashion is for me'.


Cool Girls

Similarly, when American ladies go out for a picnic, they are usually dressed more casually, and T-shirts and jeans are their favorite. In the American lm Funny Farm, the leading characters were just dressed like that. Although this style is simple and comfortable, you may think that it looks rather basic. But people with great inspiration will nd, the basic clothing in this season on the show are created with stunning slogans, i.e. the iconic "Slogan T-shirt". These T-shirts are made from plain fabric and printed with eye-catching slogans. In them, anyone can look cool and just a tad rebellious. They are the best buddy for the picnic. Of course, if you want to look much more gentle and feminine, just choose one dress. Such a style may add the charm of retro feeling.


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