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In the early 1980s, shortly after Ernst Schneider’s Breitling acquisition from Willy Breitling, he heard that the Italian Air Force "Frecce Tricolori" was bidding for the first official watch. So he decided to tailor a new "wrist instrument" that fully met the demand of pilots. The Italian Air Force’s "Frecce Tricolori" official watch is a uniquely styled timepiece. The watch has the appearance of extraordinary fortitude and sophisticated technology. There are four raised bezel indicators for flight auxiliary timing on the rotary bezel decoration, which is satin and frosted. You can also operate it conveniently even wearing a glove. The stainless steel case is processed with an extremely strong edge fine polish. There are two sizes of watch diameter to choose, 41 mm or 44 mm.



Navitimer Air chronometer series wrist watch


Bell & Ross’ BR 126 Blackbird watch honours the brand’s origin and commemorates the legendary American military Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird reconnaissance aircraft. The Lockheed Corporation began to research and develop it in 1962. During the Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union, SR-71 "Blackbird" mainly did reconnaissance work for the United States Air Force until it was retired in 1998. The ight instrument aims for clear reading, therefore matte black (nonglare) and white are widely used. Orange is used to display the most important data. Thus it is not surprising that orange plays an important role in Bell & Ross’s homage where the timing funtion is frequently supported by orange against the black dial. It also uses the structure of mid timing the second hand and minute hand to make time display more clear and unmistakable.


▲Bell & Ross

BR 126 Blackbird  Wrist watch


How to be a top pilot watch? Bremont has been dwelling on this question for years. The watch must have the best mechanical performance, and should also be produced with parts full of historical value. For a pilot watch, surely it is hard to beat the value of components of the first powered ight in history. Back in 1903, Wilbur and Orville Wright in Dayton, Ohio, researched, designed, developed, and produced the Wright aircraft. This aircraft has set the course of history and Bremont’s Wright Flyer watch honours the momentous invention.

The Bremont limited edition Wright Flyer watch debuted at the London Science Museum on July 23rd, 2014. The much-anticipated watch is produced with part of the fabric on the 1903 Wright Flyer; and equally important is that it is equipped with Bremont’s first ever in-house movement- the BWC/01, part-developed and designed in Britain with the brand’s Swiss partners. The automatic movement has a 25-jewel bearing, 33.4 mm diameter, with more than 50 hours power reserve. It's equipped with Glucydur balance wheel and the balance spring xed by micro-measure screws, making it not only a very reliable and durable movement, but also the modi ed process is full of elegant beauty.



Wright Flyer Wrist watch


There's a place in piloting history for the Zenith watch. Louis Blériot and Léon Morane were loyal customers of Zenith. In July 25, 1909, 37-year- old Blériot took his own aircraft across the English Channel for the first time. Less than a year later, 25-year-old Morane hit a record, ying at a speed of more than 100 kilometers for the first time at the France Rhine air show. The speed at the time was an amazing record. Coincidentally, they both wore Zenith watches. Blériot said: “I am very satis ed with the Zenith. And I strongly recommend this watch to those who are pursuing precision!” Morane said: “Zenith is destined for the pilot! In addition, in the beautiful case with all the essential advantages of the watch, you should have a Zenith watch.” This series was limited to 500 pieces, featuring a unique red second hand indicating the time zone.



Pilot "Type 20 aircraft" two time zone wrist watch

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