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Life With A Beautiful Elsewhere

王烨昇Johnny Wang 2018-07-04 09:01

From a certain perspective, art rehearses future life. Art brings us exhilarating inspirations. No matter it’s graphic, or device-based, or even technological, art ex- pands our realm of imagination and diversifies our mundane life.


Recently, an exhibition entitled Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain, A Beautiful Elsewhere is being presented in Shanghai, at the Power Station of Art (PSA). The exhibition is organised by Adrien Gardère, and co-ordinated by Gong Yan, Director of the PSA, Hervé Chandès, General Director of the Fondation Cartier, and Fei Dawei, art critic and exhibition curator. Works of more than 30 prestigious artists are on exhibition, to name a few, Raymond Depardon, Cai Guoqiang, Huang Yongping, Mœbius, Daido Moriyama, and Chéri Samba. Meanwhile, the huge PSA also  houses the aeroplane by Marc Newson, and a oating, gigantic device by Sarah Sze. 


The exhibition also presents artworks combining art and science with the installation by bio-acoustician Bernie Krause, along with a number of pieces especially commissioned for the occasion by artists Jean-Michel Alberola and Christian Boltanski. Besides that, the exhibition also invites crew members from Tara the marine research ship from France, to hold a forum discussing climate change and oceanic environment during the opening.


The exhibition covers a wide range of artistic styles. Nevertheless, the works presented are mainly designed to ignite artistic imaginations and problem-oriented consciousness. For example, French photographer Raymond Depardon records realistic and objective images, contemporary artist Cai Guoqiang shows concerns towards oriental philosophy and social issues, while Chinese counterpart Huang Yongping infuse his works with Zen philosophy. Some of them are abstract, some are sophisticated, but all of them re ects profound thoughts on life.


A journey around the world, and an exploration of the territories, literal and imaginative, presented by the Fondation Cartier through the ensemble of its Parisian and international exhibitions since its creation in France in 1994. Many then-unknown young artists were discovered by the foundation. Cai Guoqiang and Huang Yongping are the lucky ones of them, and with the help the foundation, they successfully entered the mainstream European art world.


In terms of artistry, the foundation shows a unique interest in some rarely discussed themes in typical galleries – the exhibits are often interdisciplinary and focus on surprising collaborations between artists, scientists, philosophers, musicians and architects. For instance, the foundation held Native Land, Stop Eject in 2008, an exhibition on immigration concept; The Great Animal Orchestra in 2016, which concerns environmental protection; andMathematics, A Beautiful Elsewhere in 2011, a brilliant exploration of the combination of art and science.


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