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Intoxicated by Natural Flavour

钟彤悦 Anna Zhong 2018-08-21 15:04

In people's imagination, a chataeu castle appears at the end of a tree-lined boulevard, surrounded by immaculate hedges. Light golden stones and olive green shutters are in the shade of a chestnut forest. In front of the castle, there’s a sea of grape vines, with leaves swaying in the wind like ocean waves under the sunshine.

From the earthworms that loosen the soil to the sheep that eat the weeds in the green vineyards, every creature here becomes part of an effort to improve grape quality. From these delicious and precious fruits, luscious wine is nally produced..


With time passing by, green grass and plants are growing fast; various insects and birds come to life and protect soils from pest. In winter, 60 female sheep enjoy their meal of natural grass and plant and create natural nitrogen fertilizer, so do Bordeaux cows that are introduced by the vineyards. These measures promote vitality of microorganisms and organic compound as well as oxygenation of the soils, and strengthen the plant’s resistance to bad weather.

A simple tour around the chateau is enough to convince the visitors: nowadays, under the organic, low-intervention management, Bordeaux vineyards are pretty prosperous. A life carrier with excellent diversity of plants and animals has endowed the vineyard with strong vitality and vigor.


Winemaking calls for faith and respect to nature. Only by endorsing the importance of natural conditions and environment of grape’ sprouting, will you know the powerfulness and expended influence that planters and winemakers have.

Thomas Duroux, General Manager of Chateau Palmer, Bordeaux said, “Our chateau has a long story, and it will make a new history. We have excellent workers who are making a great effort to set a new trend in viniculture. And that will be passed on from generation to generation.”


For Duroux, all these essential conditions, such as soils, trees, and sun, constitute a dynamic ecosystem, a system that makes healthy wine. Chateau Palmer continues developing biodynamics, possessing its own cattle and sheep to guarantee organic fertilizers. Time is conductive to make good wine; it stimulates the aroma and develops the character, through which the true avour of the soil, or terroir, is revealed. The chateau in Bordeaux always sets the trend, and listens to the voice which is the call of the winery land with full attention.


Margaux land’s delicacy, elegance and silky texture endow its vineyards with velvet smooth soil, where cabernet sauvignon and merlot varieties of grapes grow equally well. Wines from these grapes turn out to be an intoxicating feast of a bouquet, full of owers, fruits and spice.

Chateau Palmer wine is unique; apart from its powerful and complicated features, elegant fragrance and smooth sense make it popular all over the world.

With an increasing demand for low-intervention and biodynamic wines, WOW! World of Organic Wine had its rst sho in Vinexpo Bordeaux 2017, gaining importers, sommelier and wine merchants’ compliments. In Vinexpo Hong Kong 2018, the section had 50 manufacturers from all over the world, complete with a tasting area.


Guillaume Deglise, CEO of Vinexpo said, “Chateaux that advocate biodynamics haven’t a lot of production, the way to keep small production will not cause a slowdown in the development of wine industry, instead this will promote some new business channel development.”


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