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Glamping for the modern nomad

叶霖耘Lerra Ye 2017-06-08 16:00

With summer almost here, the idea of camping outdoors start to sound very appealing. But annoying insect bites, dignity-sapping carsickness, and the thought of days without a proper shower are such crippling obstacles that the average house-proud urbanite would squash the idea as quickly as it surfaces. This is exactly where “glamping” comes into story -glamorous camping replete with silky bedding, hot water, vintage bathtubs, and even air-conditioning. At these rented fancy camps, you can still enjoy your moment of city-escape, surrounded by chirping birds and stirring zeph- yrs, being amazed at starry nights as you draw the aps, all before waking up bathed in thecgentle morning sun. Ahhh, to be surrounded by nature without its inconveniences. No wonder glamping has already taken the European elite’s holiday plans by storm.

While pitching a tent in some soggy patch of the woods might not appeal, meticulous urbanites are trying their best to build a camp as comfortable as a home away from home for an optimal experience for their family and themselves as well. Whether in the vast wilderness, by the tranquil riverside, or amid a lush forest, it’s the closest to living like a nomad we’re likely to come. Even if one has no choice but vagrancy, he would say, I am a debonair and unconventional vagabond!


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