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Fun Spas A Creative Way To Rejuvenate

Sally 2018-07-03 16:45

In summer, taking physiotherapy in an air-conditioned room is without question a pleasant experience. Nothing is more relaxing than a traditional spa, where weary muscles are relaxed and stretched, shallow breaths adjusted to deep inhalations, and the internal energy of the body realigned through massage. Every part of your spirit is given the power to refresh.

Some spas provide naturally formulated facial care to help maintain skin health, clarify the visage and eliminate negative effects imposed by urban lifestyles. In recent years, balneotherapy (rejuvenation through bathing) has also gained increasing popularity, especially when combined with massage, exercise, aroma, mineral, reective and soothing therapies.

Nowadays, a number of creative spa resorts have invented fun and effective methods and technologies that rethink traditional offering.



Soothing and Nourishing Bee

Another series offered is the quirky ‘Shangri-La Edition Tsingtao Beer,’ which offers pedicures, beer scrub massages, and pressure-relief massages. These aim to improve skin health through the absorption of natural hops – the essence of beer.

Before the massage, we recommend trying the refreshing ‘Shangri-La Edition Tsingtao Beer’ pedicure. Give your body some time to relieve, to relax and to soothe.


In order to enhance metabolism and better absorb the treatment, specially selected sea salts and hop essences are formulated into a gentle scrub paste, which effectively eliminates hidden dirt and dead skin cells.

Lastly, Qigong and Tai chi techniques are introduced to reach maximum effect. After the therapy, what you feel is more than physical relaxation and skin improvement. When beer meets traditional martial arts – an unexpected harmony begins.


Martial Arts Joining In

When martial arts meet natural skincare and massage, their mutual techniques are infused with extra energy, balancing yin and yang to reach an intersection between wellbeing and physical health.

In China’s it’s common knowledge that martial arts masters are experts at channelling the inner energy in a consistent manner to realise bodily balance. When used in spa treatments, these techniques not only improves the body’s immune system, but also vitalises its potential to connect a strong web of internal power.


Using a customised bamboo pole, practitioners relax nerves through Tai chi-style stretches and deep breathing, in addition to hand-heating techniques. These physiotherapists share several skills with traditional martial arts masters, both of whom harness hidden power within their highly trained hands.

Panda Facial Care

A renowned hotel group introduced a panda facial care product at CHI Spa in Sichuan, the traditional homeland of China’s most famous wildlife. This set of skincare not only provides inten- sive puri cation and oil balancing procedures, but also revitalises and conditions with a cute panda gure during the process.


Experienced physiotherapists will apply different products to different areas of the facial mask-hence the quirky ‘panda makeup’ moniker. An accompanying hair cover and black-and-white mask complete the look.

During the masking, a physiotherapist will massage your shoulders with essential oil to encourage relaxation. After the therapy, the hotel will present you with a complimentary fruit dish and rejuvenating bamboo tea. In Chengdu, don’t forget to try the CHI Spa for a fun and effective treatment.


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