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Flower Care

王烨昇 Johnny Wang 2017-06-08 17:36

When spring comes, everything returns to life. After a severe winter that’s harsh on sensitive skin, the time calls for an effective and comfortable skin care solution. The ingredient of flowers is undoubtedly the best choice for this season, and is suitable for all steps of your daily skin-care routine.

Soft CleanSing

While you may be eager to try the latest makeup trends for the warm seasons, it’s important to remem- ber to properly cleanse your skin at the end of every day and remove lingering makeup residue. After cleansing, you can choose a mild cleansing toner to strengthen the intensity of cleansing. Sakura in late spring have a rejuve- nating effect, which can regulate the skin by adjusting endocrine disorders. What’s more, its rich components of vitamin A, B, E also work to bring vibrancy back to dull skin. Rome chamomile is one of the best skin care owers in spring as well. It is originally an expensive high-level natural spice.


Deep MoiSturizing

Moisture is fundamental to maintaining fresh youthful-looking skin. In nature, there are many ower types, some of them live
in dry hot climates while others can thrive even in the freezing cold, however, all these environments make no difference to the vitality of owers, for which the special internal regulatory function works. The regulatory function of animals rely on hormones and nerves while the plants’ absolutely depends on hormones, so why these owers remain moist even under harsh conditions entirely contributes to the plant essence. Unlike the application of animal hormones to human body, a certain amount of plant essence would minimize side effects, staying comfortable and effective. For example, camellia is a ,ower with great skin care value. Also called ‘enduring winter’, camellias are tenacious, of which the active plant ingredients enable petals to stay soft under harsh environments as a moisture container as well as in the skin. Similarly, alpine orchids are also a cure for ,skin care. Such special orchids that live in lush woods in the Himalaya Mountains are one of  the most capable plants to withstand harsh conditions.

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SpeCial Care

Special conditioning refers to a whole process of skin care, which varies from person to person. It usually involves calming down, whitening, and nourishing.

Allergies are one of the most common skin problems in spring. Given relatively high humidity, the concentration of suspended sol- ids in the air will possibly increase pressure on skin and lead to allergy at any time, coupled with the spread of pollen. Currently, notable plant-based cures on the market for calming skin are calendula-centered products. Originated in Europe, calendula has long been used for treating various kinds of skin in ammation and is known for its supreme healing ability, like sterilization and wound healing, as well as treating in ammation and acne.

Meanwhile, spring is also a good time for whitening and conditioning. Those natural ingredients offer a safe option for sensitive skin types. The components of owers usually slow down the deposition of melanin to help whiten the skin. For example, the ingredients of tuberose, a ower with strong avour, can avoid the circular process of in ammation caused by stimulus and subsequent excessive melanin production, thus preventing senile plaques.

Besides in-season skin care processes, the components of owers also apply to skin care all year long. Especially for middle-aged skin, extracts from particular owers can gently help tighten and nourish the skin. At the same time, the black rose initially bred in California in the 1950s also possesses in- depth nourishing effect.

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