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China's Future Tennis Champions

王烨昇Johnny Wang 2016-09-13 09:42

The tennis season starts in September with women's (WTA) tournaments in Guangzhou and Wuhan, getting into full-swing with the China Open in Beijing, and reaches its height with the all important ATP Shanghai Rolex Masters competition, where the best in the world battle for a crucial 1000 points on the ATP World Tour. China has now established itself as a key battleground for the very best tennis players and some of the biggest competitions. But why no Chinese star yet?


While players like Li Na and Shuai Peng have made inroads on the WTA Tour, China hasn't yet found similar success on the men's side. It's a big surprise for a country that has such a huge pool of talent to choose from and whose athletes regularly top the Olympic medal tables.

''It's a question of tradition,a question of years," said Rafael Nadal, one of the best players of all time, in Beijing where he competed at the China Open. "This country has an amazing potential. I am sure in a short period of time the next generation will be there fighting for important things on our Tour."


"You need good coaches, you need good centres, good academies," continued the 28- time ATP World Tour Masters 1000 winner. "I think today China has an amazing potential to send players outside of China to the best academies of the world that will be a good experience for the young players, and at the same time has the right potential to create the right academies here in China to have all the facilities possible, all the needs possible for young kids."

Novak Djokovic, the current world number one, is confident that China will produce some future champions. "It's just a matter of how much you really invest and dedicate time and energy and funding to the sport," he said to media during the China Open 2015.



Mainland China Tennis Calendar

9.17~9.24 WTA Guangzhou International Women's Open

9.23~10.1 WTA Dongfeng Motor Wuhan Open

9.26~10.2  ATP Shenzhen Open

10.1~10.9  ATP & WTA China Open

10.8~10.16 WTA Tainjin Open

10.9~10.16 ATP Shanghai Rolex Masters

11.1~11.6  WTA Elite Trophy

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