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Antique: An Old Dream

Anna Zhong 2018-04-11 09:30

A western oil painting depicts the glory of time, a marble sculpture moulds the dream of the past, and a vintage clock ticks the seconds of history. Antiques are the bearer of the olden days. In modern life, a few antiques at home can stand out as the star of the house. Meanwhile, the booming antiques market is telling us that they are very much still a part of our lives.


Western Oil Paintings


When mood is melted into the colourful palette and applied onto the canvas with paint, a journey of soul begins. It takes you to picturesque nature, to the textured still life, to the emotional portraitures, and to the marvellous curves of human bodies. Whether it’s the romantic composition or its elegant colouring, whether they fall under classicism, realism, impressionism, or post impressionism, all these factors are aimed at one thing: portraying the art of life. Take time and effort to immerse yourself in the world of oil paintings. It’s a journey through the progression of eras.




Sculptures are the poems, the still art of life. Silently, they narrate the exciting moments and ever-changing emotions of life. Whatever they depict, sculptures are capable of showing the distinctive features of each object. Statues present the beautiful profiles of the human body; animal sculptures mimic the motions of wonderful creatures, some of them are mythicized into imagined animals; while abstract sculptures challenge us with changing shapes, which are designed to match with the indoor decoration.

Apart from styles and techniques, western antique sculptures are usually particular about materials. Wood, fiberglass, copper and marble are common materials to create gentle texture and luxurious style. In addition, hand-carving techniques increase the individuality of these works. These refined pieces are usually placed in the public area, for instance sitting and dining rooms, as well as the entrance hall, to make guests immediately grasp the idea of the owner the moment they enter the house.




 Clocks are still charming time pieces in the digitalised era. Though they are no longer competitive in time accuracy, yet the artistic elements such as enamel coating, inlaid gold and silver, copper carving, pearls and jewels still grab our attention. Nowadays, antique clocks have become enchanting decorative ornaments and collections.

Clocks vary in shapes and forms. Some resemble flying angels, some portray descending goddess, some mimic aristocratic ladies sitting postures. Most of them adopt marble to create arches and bases, upon which are often inlaid with copper ornaments. These meticulous details remind us of the mastery of copper art in the 18th century Paris. All sorts of antique clocks are hence highly valued with their art features, and thus purchased, displayed and appreciated by experienced collectors.




 Silver is a traditional precious metal, as well as a perfect material for exquisite ornaments and appliances. Bowls, plates, cases, cups, tea sets, vases, tableware could all be made of silver. Complicated patterns are given the possibility to present luxurious lifestyles through engravings on the silverware: the French silverware is known for artistic styles, and thus wins favour from expert collectors. British silverware reached its peak in the Georgian and Victorian eras, when huge quantities of delicate and pragmatic appliances were made, some of which were exceptionally renowned for their royal birth. Besides the European masterpieces, American companies such as Tiffany and Gorham are among the top of the list for fervent collectors. While in China, Russia, and Japan, silverware is known for craftsmanship and unique designs.


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