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Angels Dancing on Taste Buds

Anna Zhong 2018-04-11 09:30

BlackPearl the Luxurious Cuisine

Look at the caviar on the dish… so smooth, plumpand fresh, just like black and brown pearls silently waiting for the entireworld to appreciate. Don’t look down upon them as a simply fish eggs. Not allfish eggs can be deemed caviar; only the sturgeon fish eggs have the right tothat name. And among them, the crown must be awarded to the sturgeon living in theCaspian Sea at the border of Iran and Russia.

There are more than 20 species of sturgeons. Thesupreme caviars are produced from three species in the Caspian Sea – Beluga,Oscietra and Sevruga. The top-rated Beluga, however, the yield of which isbelow 100 a year, and only the Beluga aged more than 60 years could be adoptedto produce caviar.

Other than the orthodox sturgeon caviar, the mass marketcaviars could also be categorized into various grades. In the supermarket, saltedfish eggs from other fish species are also labelled caviar. But usually, thelabel would indicate which specific fish they are obtained from – for example,salmon caviar.

The higher grade of the caviar, the plumper theyare, the clearer they look; sometimes you could even see a glimpse of gold.Hence caviar also gain the name of “Black Gold”. When tasting caviar, eachsingle bead slides through the tongue, gently breaks and releases the taste ofslight oceanic breeze, leaving you immersing in the imagination of the sea.

If the caviar are broken or crushed andthey taste sticky in the mouth, they are likely of low quality. Another case isthat the caviar is not broken, but taste overtly elastic, like a jelly but lackof taste and the juice is in greenish or blue colour. These are regarded as theworst quality.

To Be a Caviar Connoisseur

Knowing how to tell the grades is not enough; youneed to know how to taste the caviar. The appropriate way is first let thepearl-like angels gently run on your tongue, and them curl them to the roof ofmouth, give them time to express their fragrance. Then, slightly chew thecaviar and enjoy the ballet of the bursting juice. Leave them to flow and tryto feel the saltiness of the ocean, the fishy smell, the slight touch of nutsand cream.

Serving the caviar alone is the most orthodox wayto enjoy the natural blessings of the dancing pearls. However, through all theyears caviar the luxurious material has always been the treasure to theRussian, French and Iranian royalties, and they have developed their differentways to express the essence of the caviar.

1. Russian Style Sticks to Traditions

In Russia, the most luxurious experience must beenjoying the “aristocrat” on the dining table. Serve it alone or with a sliceof bread, both could present the mellowness and purity of caviar.


2. French Style the Unrelenting Creativity

Luxury-oriented French connoisseurs would spreadthe caviar onto French bums or crisps, sometimes accompanied by egg whites ormashed yolks. Also, caviars could be served with lemon, sour cream, olives orother sour materials. In this way the caviars are smooth, delicate, fresh and savoury, which maximizethe aroma of caviar.

3. Chinese Cuisine Prides with Essence

Chinese are extremely fond of the art of cuisineand create infinite possibilities to match different materials with caviars.The top-rated are the lobsters, abalones, Australian scallops, while theeveryday materials such as eggs, tofu, yam pies and all sorts of light-tastematerials are also adopted to accompany caviars. In contrast, the caviar ismore layered with different facets of tastes.

Moreover, the serving ware to place the caviar inis also worth meticulous preparation. Shell, wood, ox horn and gold arepreferable materials. Some caviars are also served in small crystal plates withice around. Each granule looks shiny and charming, with the glow of diamonds.Use a spoon and fetch a tiny portion, and the fresh salty flavour will bringyou a quarter of joy. To be noted, silver wares are forbidden to serve caviars.Since silver will oxidize the caviar and damage the delicate oceanic taste andaroma of them.

Healthy Tips:

Caviar is rich in certain fatty acids. They arehighly nutritious to the skin, help to smooth and moisturize and even hasanti-aging effects.

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