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A Wonderful Art World Of Latte

钟彤悦 Anna Zhong 2018-08-09 10:30

Nowadays, drinking coffee is not merely an enjoyment of rich aroma or pleasant taste. The latte art that floats above the surface is as much a temptation. The so-called "latte art" is a method of preparing coffee created by pouring steamed milk into a shot of espresso, and creating a pattern or design on the surface. Another method is known as “sculpturing,” which refers to adding chocolate syrup onto the latte surface, and, with the help of tools creating beautiful “paintings.”

A vivid leaf, a heart pattern, a delicate ower... different patterns above the coffee turn an everyday drink into a charming artwork. Having a cup of coffee takes on a visual level of enjoyment, not just a way of comforting your taste buds and rejuvenating your energy levels.


Art on the Cup

Traditional latte art is demanding: a high quality espresso shot, rich cream, a good pitcher, and above all, an experienced and skilful barista. He/she is the painter of coffee, regarding the coffee as canvas, where artful fantasies reside in visual forms. Whether it’s a blooming ower, a vivid animal pattern, or an array of abstract elements, baristas bring life to the coffee.

Meanwhile, latte art reaches far beyond visual presentation—it has an increasing demand for pragmatic features, namely the creamy texture of foam, the combination of tastes and the overall drinking experience.


Liquid Canvas Defies Impossibilitie

Creating owers and grass on the cup doesn’t satisfy brilliant baristas anymore. Artistry now means they can put masterpieces like Van Gogh’s ‘The Starry Night’ onto a latte. Latte art, from that point is no longer the world of coffee brown and white milk. 

More food colours are applied in the latte art in recent years. Apart from the masterpieces in painting around the world, the talented baristas miraculously create vivid cartoon characters, global landmarks or even classic lm scenes on their own. These breath-taking artworks are literally challenging your mind: are you truly willing to swallow them into mouth?


3D Latte Adventure

While traditional latte art remains graphic, cutting-edge artists are pioneering something new—3D structures on the latte!

3D latte art is not merely creating patterns on the surface, but sculpting milk foam into all sorts ofobjects. Fluffy, vivid latte sculptures are thus born. 3D latte art is mostly based on animals—bears, kittens, bunnies and chicks. The snow-white milk foam is transformed into different cute animals. Baristas nally add a few golden touches—almost cute to be true.



Latte art seems to be extremely complex. However, only a simple set of tools is needed to create all those wonderful patterns — coffee beans, a coffee machine, a grinder, milk and a pitcher. The best coffee must be made with freshly ground coffee, with the grind size having a remarkable impact on taste. So, a high-quality grinder is recommended. Coffee machines usually refer to espresso machines. For a budget and more convenient alternative, a moka pot also works fine.


School Introduction

Besides future baristas, anyone can apply for a course at a coffee school. Currently, coffee schools in Shanghai offer all sorts of courses, ranging from basic espresso mak- ing to milk analysis, foam creation, temperature control, and eventually the making of cappuccino, latte, Americano, etc. The step-by-step teaching ensures your improvement in your study.

Generally speaking, the complete course will be able to equip you with most major latte art skills, including pouring skills, speed and vibration control, creating all sorts of patterns, etc.

The essence of a cup of coffee, fundamentally derives from the ordinary-looking coffee beans. The spirit of a wonderful piece of latte art, however, is the eternal pursuit of a quality life.


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