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A Blue Poem on Yacht

Anna Zhong 2018-10-01 10:28

 Hop on a yacht and start your voyage on lovely waters! Whether it’s an emerald-green inland lake, or the vast blue ocean, life is more exciting aboard a yacht. 

 French Riviera cities like Nice, Cannes and trendy summer resorts like La Madrague or Saint-Tropez stretch on the picturesque coastline for miles. The scenery of the Mediterranean is a breathtaking canvas – while the luxury yachts, busy beaches and townscapes constitute an ever-changing, but also an ever-spectacular picture. 

Luxury yacht sport has been increasingly accepted and practiced by Chinese people. Every year the Yacht Expo in Shanghai showcases yacht sport lifestyles, along with fishing, water sports, caravanning, and other adventurous traveling. Following the trend, many yacht clubs have emerged and actively participate in the field of water sports, leisure tourism and business communication. 

Fun & Parties


Yacht clubs with small and mid-range yachts focus on developing high-speed, cost-effective yacht services for the need of sports and entertainment. Fashion seekers are thus attracted to this kind of yachting. Especially in summer, these clubs provide group leasing and charge-by-time service for water activities, including high-end wedding ceremonies on yachts, wedding anniversaries, parties, fashion shows and short-range yacht cruises. 

Feel the clash of speed and passion, free your mind in the vast world of nature, and immerse yourself in the poetic scenes of vacation. 

Business & Social  Style


Some yacht clubs target business executives and social elites. These clubs offer privacy-oriented luxury yachts and are only open to paid members. 

Clubs of this type usually provide large-size yachts, luxuriously decorated and fully facilitated with high-end service. The super wealthy are the frequent customers of these yachts, for the purpose of business conferences, corporate parties, and outings alike. 

Imagine: a private chef prepares your meals on the sea with exquisite delicacies, along with a rich selection of champagnes, wines and tropical fruit. All your chores will be taken care of by a private butler – life doesn't get much better. 

Leisure & Relax Style


In countries with well-conditioned coastlines like Britain, Italy, France and the US, leisure and relaxation-oriented yacht clubs are quite common. Nowadays, in China the similar “family yacht clubs” are gaining more and more popularity. They provide yachts ranging from 30 to 40 feet long and focus on family service. Additional services are also provided like car parking, yacht parking and gas service, maritime rescue, certificate management, yacht renovation and repair. 

Take some free time to enjoy the sunrise and sunset on the deck, let the zephyr kiss your skin, and appreciate the seagulls wandering in the sky. 

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