When the Electric Car Became Cool

Electric cars have been around for quite a while; since the 1880’s, in fact,. But they’re always been held back by their price, that they couldn’t take you very far, and well, they just didn’t look very cool.  But all that is changing. Just have a look at these offerings.

Tesla Model STesla Model S – The Pioneer

While Tesla didn’t invent the idea of the electric car, or make the first prototypes, they were certainly at the forefront of the electric car becoming viable for mass production. The first manufacturer dedicated to producing only electric cars, Tesla has faced a number of difficulties since its founding in 2003. After the Tesla Roadster in 2008, they brought out the game changing Model S. A full-sized five-door, it broke the mould of what ‘electric cars’ were, and most importantly, it could last for 480 kilometers. With the big touchscreen display in the centre of the dashboard, Tesla were leaps ahead of the competition and revealed not only their version of the future, by a glimpse of what the future holds for all of us.

Bentley Hybrid Concept,BentleyBentley Hybrid Concept – Electric luxury

In the Beijing Auto Show this year, Bentley released a hybrid version of its Mulsanne saloon. This is not only Bentley’s first hybrid vehicle, but also the world’s first plug-in hybrid in the super luxury market. Bentley say that with the combined engine and electric motor, the power will be increased by 25% compared to the original model, but carbon dioxide emissions will decrease 70% and can travel for 50 km between charges. For Bentley, however, the Hybrid Concept isn’t about showing off its technology, but to highlight their green credentials.

BMW i8BMW i8 – The Electric Supercar

In 2009 at the Frankfurt Auto Show BMW revealed the i8. Looking sleek and stirring the curiousity of the crowds, it came with a little surpirse: the BMW i8 was in fact just a concept car. Three years later in the film Mission Impossible, the BMW i8 appeared again, looking impressive as it raced past. With the release of the first pictures of this new i8, it was a surprise to many that it had retained nearly all the elements of that original concept car revealed in Frankfurt. Its design was unlike anything else at the time, with BMW approaching the new challenges of designing an electric car as if they’d been making them for years. As a hybrid, the BMW i8 power still runs partly on gasoline, with a fuel efficiency of 2.1L / 100 km, while acceleration to 100 km/h in just 4.5 seconds. This car is available from September 21st!

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