President Obama’s letter to Sichuan Couple

congratulations letterA couple from Chengdu, Sichuan received a letter of congratulations from US President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle on their diamond wedding anniversary earlier this month. The letter, signed by the Obamas and reported by West China Metropolis Daily, contained the message:

“Congratulations on your 60th anniversary! Your support for each other through the joys and challenges of your years together is an example for us all. We are inspired by your remarkable partnership. An enduring love like yours is something to always treasure.”

Wang Jing, the couple’s granddaughter who migrated to the US in 2014, had written to the White House hoping that the president would send a message to them as a wedding gift.


obama wallThe Obama’s have been married for 22 years, having met during a business lunch and then going to Spike Lee movie “Do the Right Thing” on their first date. In 2014 there was speculation that there were problems in their marriage, with some suggesting the couple are just holding on while Barack is still in office, and that problems could stem from Michelle’s jealousy of the attention her husband gets.

Wang Yi, the daughter of the couple in Sichuan said that she was touched by the inspiring love between her parents. Her father Wang Zaigong said they had never considered separating, even during war.

“We always thought we could face difficulties together. Just as we promised when we got married, we will remain a devoted couple for the rest of our lives”, Wang said.

The Wang’s in Sichuan still have a few more years to go to be the longest living married couple in the world today. That title goes to Karam and Kartari Chand from Bradford, England, who have been married for 89 years and 40 days. Zhang Mucheng and Xu Dongying from Shanghai take the second spot and have been married for 84 years and 81 days.

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