Best Wine in the World Comes to China

botellero BWABoutique Wines Asia (BwA) recently formed a partnership with Compañia Vinícola del Norte de España (CVNE) as majority shareholder, and will now be adding their award winning wines to its portfolio.

CVNE’s Imperial Gran Reserva 2004 was voted ‘Best Wine in the World’ in 2013 by Wine Spectator Magazine, and is now available in China through Boutique Wines Asia along with the other wines from CVNE, including Monopole, the oldest white wine brand in Spain, Contino, Viña Real, and Imperial.

“It’s an extreme honour to have a ‘Wine of the Year’ by Wine Spectator Magazine included in BwA’s portfolio” said João Gago – Managing Director of BwA. In fact, it’s the first time Wine Spectator Magazine has given the award to a Spanish wine.

Since 2010, BwA has been working with family-owned wineries from around the world to bring exclusive wines to China, and in this latest deal, CVNE (pronounced coo-nay) have now entered the Chinese market. For BwA, who are aiming to be recognized as the top boutique wine company in China in the next five years and one of the top ten wine companies in the country, this is a significant boost and a step closer towards achieving these goals.

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