Tibet Soul by Qu Qianmei

@ Bund 22, organised by Philippe Staib Gallery

July 4th – August 3rd


Qu Qianmei was born in Jiangnan, a place that represents a cultural ideal of ancient poets and painters, and which informed the early development of this young artist.  It was Paris that informed Qianmei’s artistic development, and Tibet that lifted her spiritualism.

Qu started painting from a young age, studying traditional painting under Mr. Qiu Yuren before she set off for France to continue her studies and remained for over 20 years. In 2008 she returned to China to study materials at Central Academy of Fine Arts’ Mixed Media Oil Painting Department, and thus commenced the newest creations of her abstract art.

A few years ago she had a life changing visit to Tibet: “What touched me most is the piety of the Buddhists. They measure the ground by their bodies. Listening to their chanting and contentment really struck my soul, shaped it into less vanity and more self-ease. My work has transformed greatly since as well”, she said.

Using her own unique artistic language, Qu presents an artistic conception of Eastern philosophy through fusion of materials, forms and contents, layer by layer. Inspired by Wassily Kandinsky’s notion of two types of paintings, the material and the spiritual, Qu’s abstract art creations fall certainly in to the latter.

Philippe Staib: “Qu Qianmei’s artworks remind me of a great talent. At first glance her works exhale an intimate garden, like a deep dip in the reactions on my eyes and my feelings. To collaborate with an artist like her is to share what we love, what makes us react.”

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