The Glow Of Red

@ AroundSpace Gallery
Mar 7th – Apr 20th, 2015

Artists: Cao Yuanming, Chai Yiming, Ding Beili, He Saibang, Huang Yuanqing, Liang Binbin, Mao Yujia, Shao Zejiong, Zhuang Ying

The Glow of Red is a sequel to Ten Shades of White presented by AroundSpace Gallery a year ago; it builds a narrative and critique based on one color and encourages the artists to explore the possibilities of red in different mediums and approaches.
From painting to sculpture, ten artists use various mediums or subject matters to evoke myriad emotions and imaginations generated by red: solid and untrammeled, zealous and heroic, controlled and extroverted, interpreting the infinite glow of red.

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