Memento Mori, a Wang Xin Project

@ Mustard Seed Space
Mar 21st – Apr 21, 2015

Wang Xin’s installations are about death and the experience of death. Her work invites the audience to imagine the state of death and one’s own mentality when the “soul” leaves their body.

Wang Xin will transform Mustard Seed Space into a death-experience “service-room” for the audience to consider death and rebirth, with a registration room, changing room, and a death-experiencing room, with staff assisting participants through the experience.

White boxes in the registration room will collect small objects offered by participants in exchange for the experience, with the objects kept as part of the exhibition. The third area will be enclosed, allowing one person to enter. After the participant has changed into a costume and read prepared documents, the staff will invite them to lie down on a bed behind a curtain. At that moment video and audio will evoke the ‘death experience’, with a second camera filming the whole process.

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