Bistro 321


321 Xinhua Rd,near Dingxi Rd


TEL: 021 6241 9100


Opening Hours:

12:00- 14:30pm (Sat-Sun)

12:00- 14:00pm (Tue-Fri)

18:00- 23:00pm (Tue-Sun)


Average cost pp: 400RMB


Set in a stunning and thoughtfully renovated French Villa on a verdant tree-lined stretch of Xinhua Road, twice-Michelin starred French chef Nicholas Le Bec’s new Bistro 321 is perhaps the most romantic fine dining concept in Shanghai. Out front is a quaint dining patio overlooked by stars, replete with motifs of rustic French design. The interior of the villa has too been sympathetically updated in-keeping with period features.

The unusually long menus read like an encyclopaedia of classic bistro cuisine; arranged into categories like Les Pots Sale, Le Vegetal, Le Cochon & Co. etc. Those accustomed to lengthy Chinese menus will have an easier time navigating what might seem like overwhelming choice, the nature of many dishes lending themselves for sharing. Of the dishes we sampled, Oeufs en Gelée (Egg in Aspic) was strongest and came paired with white ham and apparently Yunnan truffles, which were unfortunately overpowered by parsley. Parsley flavours were to prevail for the remainder of the meal being the dominant flavour and indeed decoration in both the Poêlée d’escargots (Profiteroles of Snails) and Pieds au Cochon (Roasted Pigs Feet).

Like many new restaurants in Shanghai there are issues in consistency- other sources report that Bistro 321 varies from excellent when the eponymous chef is present to when not. As such, we recommend you ask the Maître d’ if Mr Le Bec will be there when making your reservation.

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