Hello Kitty Is Not a Cat



Sanrio, the creators of the phenomenon that is Hello Kitty have revealed a surprising and astonishing truth. Despite looking like a cat, she is in fact a British schoolgirl called Kitty White, who lives just outside London.

Hello Kitty, an internationally recognised staple of Japanese kawaii culture was first introduced in 1974, and has grown to become a $7 billion a year business that does no advertising at all. The logo is ubiquitous on stationary and t-shirts, and more recently Hello Kitty has also entered the high-end consumer market, with a commercial passenger plane, a range of wines, and also jewellery.

Anthropologist and Hello Kitty scholar Christine R. Yano, who is curating an exhibition about the character revealed the shocking news, stating she had also assumed Hello Kitty was a cat before being firmly corrected by Sanrio. Fans may also be surprised to learn that Hello Kitty in fact has a cat of her own, called Charmmy Kitty.

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