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Vvzela Kook:Through Another Dimension

Johanna Lou 2017-02-27 14:06

I mmersed in Vvzela Kook’s Parallel world, the audience tried to observe their surrounding outside of the confines of their physical being. They explored other spaces when sneaking into the interior, and let the picture and sound touch upon nerve endings, enjoying the numbness from the skin with the current of information - this multimedia work is based on the idea of a parallel universe; multiverse theory, starting from intertwined grids like a cobweb and helding the audience trapped in a narrow space with chaotic sounds. As the sounds calmed, behind the “cobweb” came a larger space where an abstract space station came into view... This young artist Vvzela Kook’s work often merge technology with the arts via performance, painting, and digital art. With the combination of media and performance, she explores the possibility of coexistence of different contemporary performance formats, such as dance, choreography, and computers. Her works reshape city scenes and turns them into an all-encompassing virtual experience, leading the audience into a journey of another dimension. The texture of the compression is connected to every level of our perception, representing the potential possibilities of videos as an artform. At the group exhibition of “Techstyle series 1.0: Ariadne’s Thread”, showcasing female artists and sponsored by Hong Kong Mill6 Foundation, we had a chat with the Kook herself about creation and the multiverse.



Vantage: What made you choose to study new media and commit to its creation? 

Kook: I began painting when I was a young child and entered a fine arts high school, and eventu - ally I was admitted to China Academy of Art and majored in new media. After graduation, I went to the School of Creative Media in City University of Hong Kong and continued working on similar things. So I have gotten familiar with new media along the way. 


Vantage: Your works in this exhibition dis - cusses parallel spaces and the multiverse. What inspired this topic?

 Kook: In my early days, as early as sophomore year perhaps, that I first completed a sound and visual work on my own. At that time, I was very interested in the synchronization between the two. At first it was a graph randomly created by software, and I thought it could be developed further, so I completed the work at last. In the movement of working while observing the graphics, I printed them out and stuck to the wall to select my favorite ones, and then did the clip. Honestly, at that moment I felt nothing special about the concept of a multiverse. But this time, the curator of the exhibition, Takahashi Tadashiki inspired me, plus the new concept I learned last year when researching, which I found suitable to explain the work. 

Vantage: What was is about? 

Kook: The theory is called “Boltzmann Brain”, put forward by the Austrian physicist and phi - losopher Ludwig Boltzmann. The idea being that the Universe is observed to be in a highly improbable non-equilibrium state because only when such states randomly occur can brains exist to be aware of the Universe. I am fascinated by the visual feeling of the theory, which permits the imagination of lots of lives and brains in the universe. With ups and downs of fluctuations, they complete their life with memories. The random fluctuations in the universe may also create a lot of lives. When I read about this theory before, I began to believe in the existence of the multiverse for the first time. 


Vantage: Have you been watching Black Mir - ror? What do you think of it?

 Kook: I watched the first two seasons a few years ago and I can still remember the feeling it gave me, although the storylines have already escaped me. Most movies and TV series of this subject are focused on a dystopian theme, and some people have asked me whether the future of the world is utopian or dystopian. For me, I think the two opposites supplement each other and coexist si - multaneously. 

Vantage: What projects do you have coming out in the near future? 

Kook: I have two works that has been ongoing for a year; the first one started as a research and is titled Fragrant Little Haven, which talks about the streets named after plants in Hong Kong. The second one is blueprinted on the fiction of the Kowloon Walled City in Hong Kong, which involves a lot of media. A more important project is the performance in an art festival in Canada in next February, where the Kowloon Walled City work will be on display and may stay up there for sometime. In addition, I also take charge of visual effects of the entire show by a music band in a work called Dialogue of Trees. Next year we will have a tour of six Norwegian cities.


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