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VICTORIA SONG: Fashion's Elven Princess

王烨昇Johnny Wang 2019-02-25 15:14

From the urban love drama When Love Walked In, to romantic comedy My New Sassy Girl, and the most recent Being Lonely In Love, Victoria Song, who debuted as a member of South Korean girl group f(x), has always been active in both singing and acting. 

When offstage, her lifelong dedication has been to dancing since she was a small girl. Perseverance and talent cultivated her into a model of the new generation. Hard work brought her fame in her career, along with colourful life experiences. An acute fashion sense, is another one of her achievements. 

In fact, Victoria Song exactly represents the mainstream urban female – confident and independent. This time, as Song visited Milan to shoot the coming 2019SS for Jimmy Choo, Vantage took the chance to speak with her a tête-à-tête. 

Milan First Impression


Milan left a deep impression on Song. It’s natural. As one of the fashion capitals, Milan is permeated with trends and vogues. Not to mention this photoshoot took place in a suburban courtyard built in the 1930s, where the Italian style penetrates into every corner of the space. 

Speaking of the shooting site, Victoria showed great interest. She said, “the LISHA high heels I wore are transparent, which coincided with the transparent zigzag balustrades on the site, resulting in an attractive corresponding effect.” 

Victoria Song’s art instinct is inborn. “My interest in art came from dancing. I started dancing when I was very young and I loved dancing in front of mirrors, through which I could frequently adjust my posture and motions,” she said. Her favourite artist is Isadora Duncan, whose professionalism inspired her to be a more aspiring learner. 

She continues, “Later on I went to South Korea and started my singing career. Music became the most important thing in my life. My next album will be released soon. Hope you’ll like it.” 

Probably it’s her acute awareness and understanding of art that guaranteed the excellent effect of the photo shooting. The theme of the fashion shoot is “light of fantasy”, inspired by the surrealistic ball held by Marie-Hélène de Rothschild, a French socialite, in 1972. This, for Song, is a piece of cake. Silk ruffles, starry crystal plates, jewel-surrounded feathers are elements she loves. 

Fashion Thoughts


At some point, the items Song chose to shoot are her interpretation of fashion. “My favourite shoe label is DIAMOND, and I remember the classic CINDERALLA sneakers are so attractive with their crystal decorations! My favourite purses are CALLIE’s handbags, they match perfectly with almost anything!” Meanwhile, she has some specific requirements on choosing items. “For instance, when picking shoes, I would think whether they could make me a better person. That means, I would put style as the priority of concern, followed by the height, texture and comfort. Besides, during work I would take a shopping tote with a small chain bag, where I could put my items for work and small gadgets like lipsticks and mobile phones separately.” 

For sunglasses, she said, “the key is to find the sunglasses that fit the frame of your face. My face is not suitable for super-size glasses. So I usually prefer smaller, round spectacles with delicate details or square, transparent frames.” Song’s sensitivity of fashion surprised us. Her answer toward our wonder was that “my mum studied fashion design before, and she hand-made many of my garments as a child. Influenced by her passion for fashion, I grew up with a special interest in it as well. I hope I could design my own shoes and handbags one day.” 

Soul Talks


There is little doubt, however, that a beautiful appearance is supported by a sound mind. Song’s performance in film, television and fashion is inseparable with her state of mind. “I think it’s important to meet new challenges with confidence. Every single challenge teaches me a new lesson, and every single opportunity is worth grabbing. I would like to tell all my fans: I hope you know your potentials and don’t be easily affected by others. Take care of yourselves and bravely chase your dreams. The most important is to stick to your rules.”

For a person who sticks to her rules, she knows what to do and where to go whenever the time. For Song, learning is always a critical part in her life, including during work. “Every working opportunity is a chance to learn new things,” she said, “acting teaches me the life of the roles, their occupations and vistas. The world is vast and complicated, I hope I can continue to learn more from it.” 

Speaking of her most wanted things in life, Song’s response is direct and simple: health, freedom, fame and wealth. 

Besides working hard, Song’s personal time also includes leisurely moments. “In my daily life I’m an indoor-sy girl. I spend my free time cooking, or going out with family or friends.” 

In this Milan photo shooting we see a truer Victoria Song, who has so many buildings to appreciate and histories to understand in the ancient city. She lives her own way, just like what she appears to be on the media. Among the varying makeup and fashion, we see the same mind – always persevering and learning. 

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