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The Immersive "Reset"

李静茹Jelly Lee 2018-10-09 10:03

From Rain Zone by Random International, to the sensational interactive show Van Gogh Alive, art exhibitions with interactive features are gaining popularity from the public, allowing museums and exhibitions to reach wider audiences. The concept of an immersive experience has thus become a core idea in contemporary art shows. Powerlong Art Museum is one of the fervent participants in this art trend: on the opening day of the exhibition, an audience of 10,000 from art and fashion industries gathered for photo shooting and live broadcasting, as if in an art carnival.


Enriched with fashion pieces, sculptural works, visual arts and new media interactive art, the exhibition discusses substance, production process and reproductivity of matter through multi-sensory engagements, ultimately asking us to evaluate the role of it in daily life. Inspired by factory space, the exhibition takes on a deconstructive view of urban life, which is designed by multiple artists for the first time in China. Besides, individual experiencing rooms, flash mob art stands, seminars, handcraft workshops are established to further blend art in daily life.



WAVELENGTH: Reset invites artists with an international reputation to take part in the exhibition. Many of them were commissioned to create new pieces for the China show. The exhibition is inspired by factory assembly lines, and develops through interdisciplinary works of sculpture, devices, visual arts, new media arts and fashion design. From different angles, artists reveal their ideas in consumerism, environmental sustainability and reproduction.



The works on exhibit are from a starry list of artists. To name a few, Xu Zhen, Gucci Ghost, the sculpture and neon master Anselm Reyle from Germany, British pop artist Philip Colbert, and the well-acclaimed Claudia Casarino on Venice Biennale, etc. Meanwhile, a number of domestic, young artists bring their best works to the exhibition, including Cheng Baoyang, Cheng Ran, Tan Jing, Luo Wei, Yang Mushi, Tong Kunniao and Wang Xin who represent the new generation of domestic contemporary art. Avant garde artists Caroline Hu, Susan Fang, He Shizhe and Venus Lo also artfully combines designs with art in their respective interpretations.




The 10,000 guests that participated in the opening party were invited by the artists to experience on-site graffiti creation. TMD Must Tattoo Department, a project designed by Cheng Ran (founder of Martin Goya Business), organised a flash mob airbrush tattoo campaign; Luo Wei designed dynamic sculpture performance; Chen Baoyang invited two dancers in his VR device; and FEEED Studio re-created the interactive experience combined by jewellery and food, in an interdisciplinary manner.


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