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Scarlett Johansson: Ghosts, Punks, and Shells

陈溪 Cecilia Chan 2017-01-27 15:53

Scarlett Johansson was crowned this year as the highest grossing Hollywood actress of all time, with 3.3billion USD in box office receipts from her movies in the US alone. 

In addition to commercial success, she is also a critical darling, with a Tony Award and British Academy of Film and Television Arts Award (BAFTA) under her belt, and four Golden Globes nominations.


It doesn’t come as much as a surprise though, because Johansson is never far from the spotlight; whether it’s seeing her as superspy Natasha Romanoff (Black Widow) in the wildly popular Marvel franchise, or hearing her distinctive husky voice as the giant python Kaa in Disney’s The Jungle Book. She got to flex her action chops in Luc Besson’s Lucy, her sultry allure in Jonathan Glazer’s science fictionfilm Under the Skin. She was also the voice of the artificial intelligence system, Samantha in Spike Jonze’s acclaimed science fiction love story movie Her. Despite her achievements, Johansson remains firmly down to earth.

Beauty Is An Attitude

Scarlett Johansson once quipped that her diet plan was Italian smoked sausage with Bellinis, It’s a mine-field in Hollywood when it comes to body image, and actresses don’t often make light of their diets. Johansson has stressed many times in interviews that she doesn’t care so much about looking good, and she is opposed to filling the role of some scantily clad female stock character.


As a typical New Yorker, Johansson said she decided to be an actress at the age of three, and first came to the stage performing in an off-Broadway play named Sophistry at the New York Opera House when she was just eight years old, the play also starred now-Hollywood A-lister Ethan Hawke. At the age of twelve, she was acclaimed for her role as a girl who lost a leg, Grace MacLean, in The Horse Whisperer directed by Robert Redford. At only nineteen, she shared on-screen moments of tenderness with Bill Murray in Lost in Translation that resonated with viewers across the world and received rave reviews, giving Johansson her big break and making her a household name.

What followed was a series of movie collaborations with Woody Allen, who never hesitates to praise her, saying: “Scarlett owns the Marilyn Monroe style sexy in her depths of the soul, it is a kind of plump beauty, you can’t neglect such beauty and she really looks seductive. What’s more, Scarlett has always been better at acting than Marilyn Monroe! She is beautiful, but everybody knows that her beauty not only lies in her lips or leggy body, she never go mad to prove something.”


Talent for Music

While the audience may know a lot about Scarlett Johansson, few fans know she is also a singer and songwriter. Actually, Johansson has attended singing lessons since she was six years old and even released two albums. In the animated movie Sing by Illumination Entertainment, she is the voice of Ash, a cynical little porcupine who gets dumped by her boyfriend Lance. To this end, Johnson must awaken the anxious girl inside to display Ash’s high-pitched voice.


In the movie, the rebellious porcupine punk rocker attends the audition for a contest with her arrogant boyfriend (voiced by Beck Bennett), but only Ash makes it to the finals. While the execs see her as the next big thing, her rebellious personality puts her at odds with expectations. “As long as I see Ash on the screen, my heart melts,” says producer Janet Healy. “It is wonderful to hear Scarlett’s voice from such a lovely character. She’s so attractive.”

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