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Zheng Luoqian:Live a Dramatic Life

王烨昇 Johnny Wang 2017-05-05 15:18

 Multifaceted images 

Zheng Luoqian is a sweet girl in real life. She likes beauty, fashion, sports, travelling and drinking coffee. She plans to open a coffee shop with her friends. 


However, onscreen, she is a master of disguise… taking on various personalities in her roles. On the Chinese TV show Three Daughters in Xia’s Family where she played Xiaojing Sun, her character was treacherous and bad from beginning to end. On another show, a romantic comedy called Renting Together in Shenzhen, her character was Jingjing Bai, a bossy and strong fashion editor. Through these images with different characteristics, obviously, Zheng has her own experiences. Usually when it comes to talking about actors or actresses, we always think about the play first, and then think about the real person. But about Zheng, we can talk about her first, then her roles. 

Skills in a play 

When making the movie The Shaft, she was just a new face in the industry and had less than 50 lines of dialogue in the entire movie. She had to build a sensitive image of a girl called Well. Zheng had to constantly think about her life with heart. She imagined herself in the environment that the script described; she tried to understand the emotions of the role with her heart. Based on this, she had to her limited screen time to send out the inner experience by performing skills while avoiding overacting. It was very difficult to master this kind of understated acting style. However, in the actual script, there were a variety of different requirements of the degrees of expression for the performers. It needed the performers to break through their conventional acting styles. In movies such as Bright Season, her role was a surrogate mother, which required the release of emotions. There was a lot of crying; this was also a further breakthrough in her acting skills. 


Of course, acting is not just about technique, it needs emotional input as well. Zheng Luoqian understands acting in that way. Her favorite character was Yu Bai on the show The Fifth Space but on the TV show Three Daughters in Xia’s Family, the role of Sun Xiaojing ignited her explosive potential. In the comments of that show, lots of people from the audience scolded her badly, but it also meant that she acted that role very successfully. In the 2005 movie A Kite Can Talk, she played the role of a young volunteer teacher; putting her new emotions in this role again. She believed that a teacher’s guidance can affect a student’s life. 


Dramatic life

Since entering the movie academy, Zheng Luoqian has experienced a series of different attempts. People say drama is like life; in different stages of life there is mixed flavors. According to Zheng, acting is like that too. 

She thinks that any job can be a lifetime career; you may not give it up easily just because you are tired of it. In her opinion, as time goes by, your experience, opinions, and feelings will change. For the same job, you might have different views and different understandings. However, in her eyes, acting can be a lifetime job. Live to old age, act to old age. When you are young and beautiful, you can play some roles; when you are older, you can better portray different roles. A good performer should have the ability to act differently at different ages, because some roles need true feelings and life experiences to act well. From another perspective, as a performer, you have different experiences at different life stages, as long as you want to put effort into it, you can try different roles. 


This year, Zheng’s movie Three Changes screened in cinemas in March. In the movie, she played an all-round independent woman of a new era. In the TV show If Only Seeing the Beginning Of Life, she played the role of Yun Yan, a character full of tragedy. This role was very different from the roles that Zheng has taken before. In the show Scouring Marriage, there was a lot of interaction between her and another actress Liu Tao. Zheng played a very traditional woman and this was also the first time she played a mother. This attempt was undoubtedly also one of her boldest challenges. 

Emotionally speaking, Zheng Luoqian hopes she can continue acting forever. According to her, based on the passion of acting, this job gives her more chances to experience different lives, and on the other hand these experiences make her think more about her own life.

-Drama is just like life. Gradually, she will not only be an actress. 

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