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Let Art Be Free

陈溪 Cecilia Chan 2017-06-30 13:51

 With the gentle sea breeze, the Art Central hall built in temporary white canvas sparkles with lights of modern architecture in Central Waterfront, which is in dramatic contrast to the nearby Hong Kong Basel Art Exhibition, indicating more possibilities of art trades in this city. 

When entering the exhibition, visitors will inevitably be attracted by those open thoughts of the exhibited works. As a highly recommended platform for art exploration and discussion in Asia, the team of Art Central contributes a lot to the development and promotion of the arts in Asia. Charles Ross, the managing director of Art Central said, “Art Central has established itself as a catalyzing force for bringing together emerging and established talents through an accessible platform that champions discovery, ideas, and experimentation.” Indeed, the exhibition presents art of the highest quality from a spectrum of periods and geographies this year. “We believe the next Art Central will verify our fair's strength and identity as a place to meet and exchange ideas,” Ross continued. 


Force Fieldof Complex Journeys Mehwish Iqbal 

With more than 100 world famous galleries in attendance, this year’s Art Central is separated into two main sectors; Central and Rise. While works of several international and Asian art masters are on display, the exhibition stresses on the next generation of talent from across Asia. Strongly rooted in the region, 75% of galleries hail from the Asia-Pacific, presenting works of exceptional quality ranging from ink, textile arts, photography, new media, to street art. Art Central proudly returns with a strong identity for pushing boundaries in Chinese contemporary art. 


It’s the first time that CENTRAL has attracted a number of world famous galleries. In addition, works of a number of artists from the Asia-Pacific region especially catch the spotlight. Highlights includes a selection of works from The Method of Drawing series by Korean artist Lee Kun-Yong, whose experimental performance art is centered on the belief that the body acts as the most effective and direct medium for communication in art; mixed media textile works by Mehwish Iqbal whose artistic terrain is influenced by her personal experiences of the social, cultural, and political landscapes in her birth country of Pakistan and her current home in Australia; a solo presentation of Maekawa + Takemura, Tokyo brings street art to the exhibition; artist Isyraf Idris creates strange characters responding to his personal struggles with saturated colours. 


A Greater Reality of Elsewhere Sinta Tantra 


As one of the highlights in the exhibition, RISE presents galleries and art spaces launched in the past six years, showcasing tightly curated solo presentations by early career artists. The sector enables new talents to be discovered and new trends to be visualized. Voted Blouin Artinfo’s 500 Best Galleries Worldwide in both 2016 and 2015, Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery (London) presents an immersive installation work of Sinta Tantra, the Balinese-British artist, featuring a theatre set incorporating spray painted murals, geometrically patterned, woven rugs and hanging paintings. Besides, Korean artist Yun-Kyung Jeong conveys the perception of the ideal, and an imagined utopia, with his blueprint aesthetic. 


 Sculpture-2017 Jun Seo Hahm 

In addition, as photography has attracted more and more attention, the year’s Art Central also presents a selection of photographic works. Collector-turned-photographer Daniel Eskenazi draws inspiration from both ancient and contemporary Chinese art and philosophy, while emerging photographer Lim Chang-Min distills the essence of life into structured, calm, and composed photographic images. 


The Terrorist Liam Benson 

Nowadays, as a new field of the development of new forms of arts, experimental art also has received special attention. The performance artist, Liam Benson documents his work through photography, video and new media, deconstructing social perceptions of gender, race, culture, sexuality and identity; artist Lee Yanor’s video installations, emulsion and holograms – photos made with experimental techniques interweaving art, dance, music, sound, and technology explore topics such as identity, exile, dreams and memories; Yeo Workshop showcases works of Zulkifle Mahmod , one of Singapore’s leading sound artists at the forefront of pushing boundaries with his inter-disciplinary approach. 

Unparalleled Freedom 

Compared to shelf paintings on sale, the greatest highlights of the exhibition are undoubtedly the behavior art and installation works, of which the artist Tobias Gutmann brings his work "Face-o-mat" to Hong Kong, China, after celebrated adventures in Papua New Guinea and Japan. Situated in open air in Street Food Central, Face-O-Mat is the hybrid between the artist and an analog machine, whereby Gutmann draws abstract interpretations of what he sees in faces. Following her acclaimed performances across Europe, artist Anida Yoeu present a new iteration of The Red Chador inspired by plenty of recent far-reaching events around the world. The Red Chador adapts performance among signs referring to a number of notable political events in the performance to express confusion and anxiety about the status of the United States. 


Face-o-mat Tobias Gutmann 

Located at the entrance of Art Central, artist Simon Pericich showcases his work, !!! ALL TOGETHER NOW!!!, a site specific installation made from melted plastic garbage bags. Through the work, the artist explores dystopic visions of the future and criticizes the commercialization of art. Meanwhile, the installation works of artist Tang Jie - Stone Language - are made from simple stone drum. Tang Jie said that having grown up in the countryside of Hunan Province, he yearns for the natural environment in the midst of a buzzing metropolis. He seeks to achieve this dynamic by incorporating natural and industrial elements in his works and the Fair provides a perfect setting. Thai artist, Santi Wangchuan introduces elements of his hometown culture and lifestyle in a large-scale installation consisting of three intricately woven “Auba” garlands approximately 10 metres tall. In addition, the installation, using rope, thread and fiber, will reinterpret this unique culture of the E-sarn region. 


 !!!ALL TOGETHER NOW!!! Simon Pericich 

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