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IZABEL GOULART:Super Fashion in Focus

May 2018-10-09 17:26


Perhaps the most underestimated supermodel among the Victoria’s Secret lineup of ‘Angels’, Izabel Goulart emanates Brazilian sass and charm, with an athletic vitality to her physique that offers contrast to the wan slightness of runway models. 

Counting both Italian and Portuguese blood in her ancestry, the idea that Goulart could be a model first came to mind when a hairdresser suggested she might pursue it as a career. A later move to São Paulo kick-started her career in the fashion industry, followed by a hop across the Atlantic to Paris for further development.

As the fashion capital of the world, Paris is a city saturated with would-be supermodels. However, Goulart stood out from the pack and successfully débuted at Paris Fashion Week, and thus received numerous invitations from fashion powerhouses. However, the decisive moment of her career was after she returned to São Paulo and met agent Ney Alves at the age of 17.

Once mocked as a “giraffe” for her skinny frame back in school, Goulart fell in love with body-building after walking for Victoria’s Secret, and has since sculpted an amazingly fit silhouette for herself. During this year’s Cannes Film Festival, we followed renowned label Jimmy Choo for a closer look of Goulart, inspired by the red carpet. 


As one of the hottest stars in fashion, Goulart is an experienced professional in working red carpet styles. This time she adopted a gender-neutral style, featuring a masculine tuxedo and gauffre leather shoes. The shooting took place in Cap Estel Hotel on Promenade de la Croisette. Goulart charmed us with her adoration of Jimmy Choos: “no matter they’re high heels or flatties, shoes set the tone of the entire style.” As for her choice of accessories, Goulart matched with a cute handbag, neat but essential for events.

Cannes is often associated with turquoise swimming pools. Goulart has a single-minded vision towards swimming pools – a backdrop against which to show her body features. In this fashion shoot, Goulart spares no effort in presenting her best angles. 

Reflecting on her experience of the French Riviera, she elaborates “nothing could compare with the Cannes red carpet, as however it goes, you leave with wonderful memories unique to Cannes.” As the fittest supermodel in the world, Goulart has dazzled the fashion industry with her energetic figure for nearly two decades. This year in Cannes, she is still in her best shape.

In fact, it’s Cannes that keeps Goulart on the track of creativity. To her, Cannes Film Festival is not just an entertainment, but a test ground for her hard work. “I exercise every day during my stay in Cannes. If I travel from another time zone, then workout is more crucial for me. There’s no better way to fight jet lag than by sweating it out at the gym. I usually start exercising right after I wake up to increase my heart rate. You know, you have to put sport on the top of your list, otherwise it’s easily replaced by other chores.”


Speaking of her favourite fashion style, Izabel is a follower of casual aesthetics. “I always choose new, simplistic and sexy pieces. For me, keeping things toned-down and lightweight is very important, as I can only enjoy myself when I’m fully relaxed.” Here, the 33-year-old supermodel mixes up different styles on the red carpet. A silky, long gown is matched with glorious Jimmy Choo OAKLAND sneakers for style with an attitude.

Goulart’s presence on the Cannes Red Carpet, however, is defined by high-octane glamor. Furthermore, she also counts numerous film and television roles, including the 2017 film Baywatch and an episode of Entourage. When asked what her favorite movie role would be, Goulart replies “it’s simple –Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman! Her charming transformation into an elegant lady is really inspiring.” Then, another fashion shoot came into being: a loose scarlet one-piece matched with shiny high-heeled sandals in the same colour, bringing her “simple is abundance” philosophy into life.

Counting more than 4 million followers on her Instagram, Goulart is an experienced hand in the art of the selfie. What’s the secret? There are no special techniques, she says, “when it comes to photo shooting, whether it’s professional fashion shooting or just selfies, there are three basic elements: light, angle and photographer! Don’t overdo the editing when taking selfies; the best picture captures the truest moment of your life.”

Photography & Director: Christian Larson

Stylist: Helen Broadfoot

Makeup: Vincent Oquendo

Hairstylist: Laura Polko

Location: Cap Estel in Èze

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